MiSight 1 Day Myopia Control Lenses

The MiSight daily disposable lenses are therapeutic contact lenses that are clinically proven and FDA approved to slow the progression of myopia.

Children, ages 8-12 years old, showed a 59% reduction in the worsening of their vision compared to those that did not wear MiSight lenses¹. Read the study here⁴.

How MiSight 1 Day Works

The ActivControlTM Technology in MiSight® 1 day uses vision correction zones and treatment zones within the lenses to slow the axial elongation of the eyeball.¹-³

The correction zones allow for clear vision throughout the day, while the treatment zones discourage abnormal elongation of the eye.

Slowing the axial elongation translates to less abnormal growth of the child’s eye, which will slow the worsening of their vision.

Myopia Cause and Concerns

When myopia develops in children, it tends to progress rapidly. With rapid progression, the child’s vision becomes progressively blurry. It is common to see children progress by -0.75 D per year or more. The picture below shows -0.75 D vision vs -2.00 D vision, a change that can easily occur, without treatment, in 1 year.

-0.75 D vision

-2.00 D vision

Additional Benefits of MiSight

In addition to correcting vision, myopia management with MiSight can provide additional lifestyle benefits:

  • A comfortable wearing experience⁵
  • A strong preference for MiSight contact lenses versus glasses – 90% of children in the MiSight clinical trials expressed a strong preference for MiSight 1 day contact lenses over their glasses at the 5 year visit
  • Avoiding the worry of losing or breaking glasses
  • Accommodating a more active lifestyle⁵
  • Providing children with an improved quality of life and improved performance with athletic activities⁵

Read the Official MiSight Launch Article here.

If your child’s prescription continues to worsen annually, it is important to seek early intervention. Are you ready to determine if your child is a candidate?

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